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Introducing solar shingles roofs

The next evolution in roofing from the #1 roofing contractor serving Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Orange County

Imagine locking in your electricity costs at today’s rates for the next 25 years – and getting a new roof rolled in.

Your roof could be saving you money. If your roof needs to be replaced and rising electricity costs have been weighing on you, a solar shingles roof may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Until now, solar panels were bulky, unsightly, and expensive. They were tricky to get installed, often voided the warranty on your roof, and were almost impossible to have maintained and supported properly. And you had to wait a year or two just to get the project started.

Not anymore.

With solar shingles, your solar is your roof. And with flexible financing* and government tax credits,** it’s possible to get a new roof and full solar system for approximately what you’re paying now in electricity.

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What are solar shingles?

Solar shingles are ultra-slim tiles that mimic the appearance of traditional shingles and blend seamlessly with the surrounding roof. They are the most innovative style of solar roofing for homes, combining sleek lines and beautiful aesthetics with high energy efficiency and durability for sustainable energy generation.

Leveraging industry leader CertainTeed’s award-winning Solstice® Shingle, LocalRoofs can deliver a full solar roofing solution that is nearly as fast and easy to install as a traditional asphalt roof. Because the solar shingles themselves are roofing material, they sit flat on the roof rather than being bolted on top of existing shingles or tiles, which causes leaks and other roof damage. Now you get all the benefits of solar without sacrificing your curb appeal with bulky solar panels that look awkward and outdated.

CertainTeed’s Solstice Shingle was named Best Energy Efficient Product and was also singled out as Best in Show (out of 230 entries) for its “significant advancement in aesthetics, durability, and efficiency” at the 2024 NAHB International Builders Show®.

Why solar shingles roofs are the way to go

Control costs and save money

Electricity costs keep going up and up. Take back control and get an entire solar roofing system – including the roof itself – for approximately what you’re paying now, essentially locking in your electricity costs at today’s rates for the next 25 years. Leverage flexible financing options for up to 25 years on approved credit* and up to a 30% tax credit on your solar roofing system.**

Don’t compromise curb appeal

Solar shingles have a sleek, low-profile appearance that blends in with surrounding shingles. No more ugly, bulky panels that look like old TVs cluttering up your roof.

Reduce reliance on the grid with high performance

Solar shingles are made with advanced photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into electricity with exceptional efficiency, even on cloudy days. Reduce or eliminate your reliance on the grid today and into the future.

Protect your home with a long-term roof

Solar shingles are extremely durable and can withstand heavy rains and high winds with market-leading impact and wind resistance (wind speed rating of 110 mph). And because we’re not drilling through pre-existing roofing materials like old solar panels that are bolted on top of a roof, your roof will be weather-resistant and watertight.

Backed by the strongest warranty

One manufacturer, one warranty on parts and labor for 25 years – the strongest solar warranty in the industry – backed by CertainTeed, an industry leader for more than a century

Get your solar shingles roof completed quickly

Solar shingles are specifically designed for fast installation by shingle roofing crews unlike traditional solar panel installation, which have wait times of up to 1-2 years.

Enjoy an easy, stress-free experience

LocalRoofs manages completion of all solar electrical work in addition to the roof itself. Homeowners have a single point of contact through our concierge services, making installation as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Enjoy the benefits of solar now and pay over time!*

Find out how much money you can save

Deciding between traditional solar panels and modern solar shingles?

If you’ve kicked around the idea of installing a home solar system but you’re not quite sure that traditional solar panels are the way to go, take a look at this handy comparison between the old and new ways of going solar for your home.

Comparison: Traditional solar panels vs modern solar shingles
Feature Traditional Solar Panels Solar Shingles
Aesthetic Bulky and unsightly panels are attached to the top of the roof. Solar panels are built purely for functionality not aesthetics and can make your home look awkward. Solar shingles are ultra-slim tiles that sit flush and seamlessly blend with the surrounding roof. Solar shingles are the way to go for homeowners who care about curb appeal.
Leak risk Increased. Solar panel installers drill through roofing materials to attach panels compromising watertight barriers and roof protection. Reduced. Solar shingles are the roof itself, not an add-on. They’re installed to be weatherproof and watertight just like a typical roof.
Overall roof protection None. Conversely, improper installation and sealing may cause leaks. Extra weight may cause stress and cracks in an older or weak roof that is not structurally prepared to handle the load. Solar shingles protect the underlying roof by providing an extra durable and weatherproof layer that shields the roof from UV exposure, impacts, and thermal cycling while still allowing solar energy generation from the same roof surface.
Roof types Bolts onto most roof types you can drill holes into. In addition to solar shingle installation on standard asphalt/composition roofs, LocalRoofs has pioneered solar shingle application for tile roofs, including Spanish tile, clay, slate, and concrete. Not suitable for metal or flat roofs.
Warranties Separate warranties if available, with multiple companies for the roof, solar, and labor. Work done by one company may void the warranty of another. One warranty for all solar components, roofing materials, and installation workmanship. With Solstice Shingles, homeowners get the strongest warranty in the solar industry through our partner CertainTeed, North America’s leading brand of exterior and interior building products since 1904.
Service under warranty Prepare for headaches. It’s often a game of “their fault, not ours” amongst the solar, roofing, and electrical companies who all worked on the roof. Easy. One industry-leading warranty for parts (solar and roofing) and labor means no finger-pointing or time wasted. Call CertainTeed and they’ll make it right.
Installation Homeowners must coordinate with the roofing company and solar company for scheduling and installation. Single point of contact.
Installation wait time 1-2 years for project start. Slower installation due to multi-step process and multiple contractors. 3-4 months for project start. Optimized for fast installation by shingle roofing crews.
Financing Limited. May require separate financing (if available) through different companies for each component (roof, solar, electrical). Flexible financing with great rates for up to 25 years and little to nothing down. Covers purchase of the entire roofing system for one single low monthly payment offset by electric bill savings. Lock in your electricity savings for the next 25 years at today's rates.
Tax credit Up to 30% tax credit for qualified solar equipment only if purchased. No tax credits for leased solar panels. Up to 30% federal tax credit for your solar roofing system now through 2032. Consult with your CPA to determine your tax savings.**

Lock in your cost savings

Why go solar?

Transform your roof into a clean energy generator. It puts money back into your pocket by lowering your electricity costs, gives you more control by reducing your reliance on the grid, and increases your home value. And going solar has never been so affordable. With flexible financing options and an easy payment plan,* a new solar roof just makes sense, especially when you factor in increased energy usage and rising electricity costs in years to come.

The real question is: How much is it costing you to not go solar?

Plus, it’s good for the environment. A typical 10kW Solstice Shingle system will reduce your CO2 emissions by the equivalent of planting 5,718 trees. But you’re not compromising on power. You’d have to burn 519 barrels of oil to create the same amount of energy as your solar system.

Not sure solar shingles are right for you?

Everyone’s situation is different. Call us to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Together, we can figure out how much money you could be saving monthly and which financing options fit your budget.

Get a solar shingles roofing system for one low payment!

We offer flexible financing options for up to 25 years on approved credit.* You may also qualify for up to a 30% tax credit on your solar roofing system.**

Why choose LocalRoofs?

We’re roofing experts

For more than 50 years, we’ve been replacing and repairing roofs. Our team members are trained in The LocalRoofs Way and certified by our manufacturers, including CertainTeed, maker of the Solstice Shingle, to make sure that every roof is done right and to your satisfaction.

We’re licensed, bonded, and insured

LocalRoofs is a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor, so you can rest assured that you’re legally protected when working with us.

We’re local

LocalRoofs is locally owned and operated and has been serving Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties for over five decades. Now serving Orange County as well!

25-year warranty

One warranty for all solar components, roofing materials, and installation workmanship through CertainTeed, North America’s leading brand of exterior and interior building products for more than a century.

Financing for up to 25 years

Take advantage of our low-interest loans of up to 25 years on approved credit. Our flexible financing options allow you to get a new solar shingle roof for one low monthly payment.*

Free estimates

We’ll work with you to design your solar shingles roof according to your needs, including figuring out how much money you could save monthly.

What LocalRoofs does

Roof replacement

Protect your family and home from the elements, improve your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal, and get peace-of-mind with a new roof or re-roof

Roof repair

Fix leaks, damaged shingles and tiles, and more to keep your roof durable and weather-resistant with our roof repair services

Gutter installation

Channel rainwater away from your home’s roof, foundation, walls, and landscaping, preventing water damage and potential flooding with our gutter replacement and gutter installation services

*On approved credit. Final cost and electric bill offset depend on a number of variables, such as home size, energy usage, solar options selected, borrower credit, payment terms, and more. Restrictions apply.

**The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act provides homeowners with a solar tax credit of up to 30% for qualifying solar system purchases. Consult with your CPA to determine eligibility and tax impact for your unique circumstances.

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