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LocalRoofs Is Proud To Offer Taylor Metal

Metal Roofing

The popularity of metal roofing has surged in the past decade, witnessing a remarkable quadrupling in market share within the home improvement sector. Modern metal roofs present a myriad of advantages, empowering both homeowners and business proprietors to invest in roofing solutions that promise enduring quality. Below, we outline several key benefits that metal roofs offer to enhance your property:


Opting for a metal roof can lead to significant energy savings of up to 40%. The secret lies in the color coating, a feature we specialize in. Our standard Taylor Metal color coating systems are ENERGY STAR® certified, with many also endorsed by the Cool Roof Rating Council. These certifications attest to our products’ ability to diminish the solar heat absorbed by buildings, consequently cutting down on cooling expenses for homeowners.


Have you considered the longevity of metal roofing? It can endure for 40-60 years, surpassing standard asphalt shingle roofs by 2-3 times. With metal roofing, durability is a given—eliminating any worries. Many homeowners cite longevity as a primary reason for opting for metal roofing. There’s a high probability that once you install a metal roof, it will be the final roof installation you’ll ever need for your home.


Metal roofing has emerged as a favorable choice for numerous homeowners, offering a wide array of attractive styles to select from. Its minimal maintenance requirements and energy-saving capabilities have consistently delivered substantial benefits, making it an optimal solution for many.


Metal roofs are bestowed with a Class A fire rating, signifying their exceptional fire resistance. Being non-combustible, they stand as one of the most fire-resistant roofing options available. The assurance of a non-flammable roof is undoubtedly a significant advantage.

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